who we are
  • Our Thinking


    We will be aligned with client at all times: Client's Philosophy / Brand Identity / Promotion Purpose / Project Requirement (Budget, Timing, and Message, etc)

    ^Learning & Growth

    Our professional scepticism never makes us stop from learning. The origin of our growth is of learning and know-how from top project with our partners and clients.

    ^Social Responsibility

    Entire decision making is based on our social responsibility too as all of us is living on small ground together in the big picture.

  • Our Identity

    ^Who we are..

    Breathe together with creative people who live in different location worldwide. We are trying to be ready for design and marketing with tomorrow technology.

  • Our Mission

    ^We will stand together with you

    To mine and provide unique marketing material and design worldwide.

    To support for you to create unique value by our design and production.

    To align with your core strategy and value proposition.

  • Our value proposition

    ^The value we are trying to create

    Industry leadership: Stay tuned with technological innovation.

    Value creation: Formulate unique reality on the basis of creativeness within the budget.

    Integrity upon diversity: Harmonized output and the best mix of digital technology within analogue sensitivity.

  • Our Strength

    ^Why we are Strategic?
    ^Why we are Unique?

    We are sculpting your idea and creativeness on the mixture of each different materials with state-of-the-art technics; metal, wood, acrylic, electronic sources incl. PCB, Sensor, LCD, LED, etc.

    We are sourcing feasible resources from multi-national origin for the optimum output; Vietnam, Korea, China and others.

    Our know-how is being applied on the complex character of each source from the conceptual-framework stage for smoothing your projects and leads the project to the well-finished output.

    Our works are always performed within your budget and shall make your managing back-office also satisfied.